Our Services

Industrial AI and Machine Learning

We see a shift in industrial processes towards adoption of (deep) machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science. However, it happens regularly that the new hot trend is just a trend, or an emerging technology is not yet at a suitable technology readiness level. We can help you with identifying promising techniques and integrating them into your processes. We carry scientific and empirical experience developing and deploying machine learning algorithms in industrial and enterprise applications.

Industrial needs are different from current academic trends. While researchers focus on learning models, in industry we need to deal with inverse models and explainable AI. It is simply not sufficient to solve classification problems, instead, an AI agent must be explainable and its decision making process should help the stake holders to identify the factors that impacts their processes. We understand that a simple black-box model does not satisfy the needs of our clients.

  • From simple linear regression models to deep learning
  • Convolution neural networks for image base fault and anomaly detection
  • We can support you in your efforts for establishing your machine learning architecture design and infrastructure
  • Support you in creating ensemble models, generative networks, etc
  • Programming and development of learners in different languages and using different libraries

Date Science and Advanced Analytics

While the line between data science and machine learning is getting thinner, we do still consider them as separate fields. Our data science and advanced analytics service offers data-mining and statistical and mathematical solutions to your problem while in machine learning we often deal with model learning. Establishing suitable infrastructure and software architecture, is a step-0 in transitioning towards data oriented decision making and production. These infrastructures and system will serve both your analytical and machine learning workflows, and will help you with your business intelligence aspects as well.

  • ETL and data modeling
  • Data architecture design and analysis
  • Database management system consulting and deployment
  • Data source identification and collection automation


Weather working on a simple pick and place task or trying to automate part of your complex assembly line, we can help you to robotize your task. Picking up suitable robot platform is a multi-faceted problem and one has to consider many aspect when dealing with it: robots vs. cobots; programming cost and time; robots’ maintenance cycle; side costs; and many more. We can support you in overcoming these challenges and in addition we can offer:

  • Real time requirement and analysis
  • We consult you on what kind of robot platform is suitable for your need, potential challenges and possible solutions
  • Robot programming service (available for some robot platforms)
  • Simulation and feasibility study

Software Solutions

You might have specific needs that cannot be met with existing off-the-shelf software, your team in-house cannot tackle the problem, or the problem is not worth hiring a dedicated development team. We offer services for most of your software needs. We work with trusted and trained professional offering different services in multiple sectors (R&D, automation, automotive, enterprise and corporations, etc.).

  • Consulting on complete software life cycle
  • Software development services for small to medium size projects, front-end Javascript, Typescript; back-end C#, Java and more
  • Low level real-time safe software development in C or C++
  • CI/CD, Dockers, Kubernetes, etc.

Business Intelligence

In parallel to our data science and advance analytics we offer business intelligence services as well. We help you to leverage on your existing data sources and/or create processes to collect and process the necessary data. You will be able to visualize and share your KPIs, business performance, sales figures and more, while following strict role base access principles.

  • Supporting our clients with visualization and sharing of their KPIs with their organization
  • Implementing access rights with the KPI reports (platform dependent)
  • Consultation, development, design and deployment of Microsoft Power BITM solutions
  • Data modeling, data ETL (Power BI, Knime, Pandas)
  • Data visualization on the premise, cloud or Power BI online services or using d3.js, chart.js or echarts.

Training and Workshops

If you want to built an in-house team or you want to bring your staff up to date about any of the aforementioned topics, we offer training and workshop services as well. We even provide these training to academic professionals.

  • We are happy to share our experiences in the aforementioned topics in the context of training sessions or workshops
  • We offer these services on both individual or group based pricing
  • Flexible formats: workshop can range from half a day to multiple days, or on a regular interval (e.g., half a day weekly, bi-weekly, etc).
  • Online and in-person

Do You Have a Problem at Hand But You Are Not Sure?

If you are not sure whether we are able to help you with your problem, or if your specific challenge falls in our area of expertise just book an appointment. The initial consultation is always for free and we never take a project we are not sure we can solve.